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GSoC Wikimedia Bi-Weekly Report 3

(This is part of a (mandatory) blog series documenting my experience in GSoC 2020 with Wikimedia Foundation. This series should serve for record-keeping purposes and as a reference for future GSoC students.)

Coding Begins

So, the Community Bonding Period ended, marking the start of a new chapter – coding (the fun stuff).

With everything (or at least most) laid out and planned, I dived right into the code with very high confidence that I’ll smash that thing.

(Note: As part of my GSoC proposal, I developed a mini prototype. It could fetch images and depict statements from commons and show it to the user. We, I and my mentors, agreed to start working from there.)

(Another note: The prototype was created for 1 sole purpose, to persuade the potential mentors, at the time, that I am capable. During the proposal creation period, I did plan to continue on developing the demo if I got selected, or, hand it off to the other selected student and let him start from there.)

Well, lets just say it didn’t go exactly as I imagined 😛 . After several weeks, probably more than a month, I kind of forgot a lot of stuff that’s going on in my code. Luckily, it was pretty well structured and kinda short.

In short, here’s what’s accomplished in these 2 weeks:

  • Both questions (question) and answers (answer) tables were created / redesigned.
  • Split filters from the questions table to be an independent table. With the original design, there will be duplicate questions for different filter options.
  • Ummmm… that’s kind of it…


I am satisfied with what was achieved in these 2 weeks. But I do hope that I could do more. The development pacing was’nt slow but not as fast as I hoped. I still remember how quickly I pushed changes to ISA, smashing a bunch of tasks (while ensuring a certain level of code decency). I basically picked a task, fixed it, then moved onto another task.

I just hope that I could pick up more speed in the next 2 weeks.

What’s Next

Here’s what’s planned for the upcoming 2 weeks:

  • Make sure that the new tables work as planned
  • Start working on handling depict’s qualifiers
  • Design test questions
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