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GSoC Wikimedia Bi-Weekly Report 4

(This is part of a (mandatory) blog series documenting my experience in GSoC 2020 with Wikimedia Foundation. This series should serve for record-keeping purposes and as a reference for future GSoC students.)

Feature Added: Test Questions

An important feature of the tool is the ability to make sure that data generated by this tool is as accurate as possible. One way data might not be as accurate as they would be would be due to data input error caused by users while using our tool.

We’ve previously decided to use a “test question” method to tackle that issue. Similar to how there are test questions, where the answer is already known, in the review queue in StackOverflow.

As the core part of the tool is basically developed, i.e. the ability to fetch questions from Commons and record the user’s question, I’ve started working on the test question feature.

With new database tables and a few new functions created, voila, it’s done. (Well if you really wanna know the details, please check out the pull request over here, 😛 )

What’s Next: Contribution Page (and maybe qualifiers)

Given that the whole question-answer and test_question-test_answer part is basically completed. We thought it would be great to have a user’s contribution page, and that’s what we’re gonna do next.

That’s It

Ya, that’s it, kinda random right? Yup. See you guys 2 weeks later. XD.

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